Anno 1800: Finally info about Season 4

Ubisoft Mainz expands Anno 1800 around the Season 4. The developers used a current live stream to get closer to the three new DLCs for 2022 – and to show first gameplay. “As already mentioned at the first announcement of Season 4 at the end of last year, the three new DLCs will focus on the new world region and offer new optimization options, a new residual stage for attracting and new islands to colonize,” Write the makers in a current blog entry. In addition to a new update, every DLC will also be accompanied by a new scenario that holds further challenges outside the campaign.

First DLC: Keim of Hope – Release on April 12

Anno 1800 SEASON 4 Announced - NEW WORLD Madness & New Scenario || New DLCs & Game Modes

Second DLC: Rich of the Vents – Release in the summer

Third DLC: Rise of the New World – Release End 2022

Season Pass 4 with bonus content

It is left to you whether you want to purchase the DLCs in the single purchase or directly to the Season Pass 4, which includes all extensions for 2022. The pass available for almost 25 euros ** also contains three bonus content: ornaments that are modeled on the three new DLCs. When buying, you will receive the decorative fountain, the airship monument and the magnificent entrance gate for the construction game. In Ubisoft Connect and in the Epic Games Store, two new Anno 1800 editions are also available. The visionary edition available for 119.99 euros contains the basic game, the deluxe upgrade and all four season passes.

In the Gold Edition for year 4 (79.99 euros) in turn, the basic game, digital deluxe upgrade and the Season Pass 4 with the new DLCs, which appear 2022 for the construction game. With the release of the new editions Ubisoft removes the previously available Gold Edition and Investor Edition / Complete Edition for new buyers. Nothing changes for existing players. A new Cosmetic DLC bundle with all six cosmetic extensions of recent years is also available for purchase.

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