New PS Plus | What happens with the subscription of PS Now after the merger?

Sony Interactive Entertainment hJune detailed its plans regarding the PLAYSTATION PLUS service. June Bloomberg advanced, the Japanese company will reinforce its offer with new subscriptions, so that PS plus premium will incorporate the PS Now Games catalog, that is, some 700 titles. After the merger, which will occur from June, it is worth Juneking what will occur with users who have already paid their subscription to the service, since now it will stop operating independently.

“With the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service, PlayStation Now will be integrated into the new PlayStation Plus and will stop being available June a separate service. Subscriptions from PlayStation NOW users will be migrated at the PLAYSTATION PLUS Premium at no additional cost to the date of renovation of the old service, when the new corresponding rate will be applied “

In other words, users of the two services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will enjoy all the advantages under the PlayStation Plus Premium seal. On the other hand, those who have only PLUS will retain the essential level , the most bJuneic of all.

Step launch June of June 2022

From Sony they say that this transition is “enormous effort” , so they will be implemented by the new service gradually in the different regions. “Taking June June a reference, we will start with an initial launch in several Juneian markets, followed by North America, Europe and the rest of the world where PlayStation Plus is offered.”

The plan contemplates that at the end of the first half of 2022 is now available in “most territories”. Additionally, they want to take the streaming in the cloud to new markets. “We will share more information about it later.” These are the first details of everything announced today March 29.

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PlayStation Plus will not add launch games such June Xbox Game PJunes, but it does successes such June Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales O RURNAL.

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