Sparkassen: Neutration of the app even for customers without account of advantage

At the Sparkasse, customers expect an innovation when using their account. As a result, there are some advantages for consumers.

Germany – transfer money and other transactions are no longer working only at the ATM of the Sparkasse. About online banking, the financial affairs can be easily done from the sofa.

Sparkasse with great change: New online banking should provide customers even more benefits

After the Sparkasse has already announced a change in the online banking itself, the next innovation follows which customers must set. According to information of T-online there are some adjustments in the app of the bank.

This includes, for example, that Customers of the Sparkasse can set the background color in the smartphone application. As with other digital programs, such as Instagram, Outlook or Google Chrome, it should then use the update of the app to version 6.0.2 the so-called dark mode.

This option is not only friendly for the eyes than the so far bright variant. The dark fashion, so the black background color, should also save the battery of the smartphone and thereby also consume a total of less power (more news about digital at app).

Sparkasse Change App: This is how online banking becomes even easier for customers

In addition, the APP of the Sparkasse should provide customers with better clarity than before. So there is now a bar for quick access to the important functions. These include, for example, “lock card”, “Find branch” and “Transfer”.

Another change in the Sparkasse is available at the menu item “Financial Status”. The option gets a new name with the label “Financial Overview” and now offers “the overview of accounts, cards, depots and loans”, as it is called t-online.

Sparkassen app with change: New function introduces contact to consultants

On the lower edge of the screen, there is now a so-called Tab bar with other options. So customers can arrange their accounts individually.

If you have an urgent concern, you will not have to choose extra the bank’s service hotline in the future. Because it is now a personal advisor to see in the app, which stands to a side. If necessary, the contact can then be established via the application.

Android Amazing Beautiful Apps | Most Important And Useful App For All Android Users |
Users of an iPhone can already use the update with the new functions. For people with an Android operating system on the smartphone, the changes in the savings bank should also be available from now on (March 14).

Sparkasse: Even customers without account should be able to use the app

Since more and more customers use more and more customers the digital variant of banking at the Sparkasse * and other banks, it is all the more important for the savings bank to make the customer’s work as easy as possible to work with their finances.

According to the bank, the Sparkassen app can even use customers who have no account at the Sparkasse. Which benefits that should have, the financial institution does not reveal. Maybe to organize his finances – because the APP of the Sparkasse also serves as a multi-banking app. Say: Here you can bundle several accounts to get an overall overview of all transactions.

Sparkasse Changes App: Online Banking is becoming increasingly popular with customers

According to the message portal t-online, the share of 18-29-year-olds, online banking should be very high with 48 percent. But the older generation has already discovered the digital variant for itself. With 45 percent of over 60-year-olds, the share is almost as high as the younger ones.

This could be because especially outside the cities of the corridor or the journey to the nearest savings bank branch for elderly customers with a great power and time required. The Corona pandemic also has influence on the use of online banking. Due to the completion of the finances at home on the computer, consumers spare potential infection stoves with the (public) rides and the corridor to the ATM. _ * is like app part of the editorial network of

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