Legends Pokemon: Arceus: Where to find all the scirps of Spiritomb in Villa Jubilee

One of the greatest challenges of Pokémon legends: Arceus is to find each and every one of the scirps of Spiritomb. In total there are 107 that are distributed by the different zones of the game, but do not worry, that in the following guide we will help you locate all those that are divided into Villa Jubileeo .

Where to find all the scirps of Spiritomb in Villa Jubilee

Of all the scrolls of the game there are a total of seven that are hidden by the different areas of the town that makes the operating basis function. Next we indicate all the details about where each of them is along with their respective images so that it is easier to find with them.

Volta 1.

The first volute is very close to the redil, the place where the Pokémon team is managed.

Volta 2.

The second voluta is behind the town’s workshop.

Volta 3.

The third scroll is located just behind the dojo of the town.

Volta 4.

The fourth volute is located just behind the galaxy team building.

Volta 5.

The fifth volute is among a few buildings from the west area of Vía Canal.

Volta 6.

The sixth volute is located in the orchard, next to a wooden shed and some straw lots.

Volta 7.

The seventh voluta is located near the booth and the port of the Albor Beach.

Collecting ALL 107 WISPS for Spiritomb in Pokémon Legends Arceus

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