Anno 1800: Free Items, New Information about Season 4, Short FAQ

Ubisoft Mainz introduces the Season 4 for Anno 1800. In a live stream broadcasted a few days ago, the developer first published the first information on the three DLCs, which should appear for the construction game during the year. Let’s start on the 12th of April , then with germ of hope is the first add-on from the new Season Pass ready for download. Players may look forward to many more info: In a current blog entry, the developers will share with additional details about the extension and the new “Silver Cevity scenario” scenario in the coming week.

When do the bonus ornaments appear?

The first extension for 2022 allows you to revolutionize the agricultural sector of the new world. For this, you built the mighty hacienda, which serves as a agricultural center in the new world . In a FAQ, the developers write that a hacienda can be built per island. Further information should follow in the coming week. In the short question-answer round, the makers also explain that they receive the bonus ornaments in the Season Pass 4 with the release of the germ of hope DLCs – on the 12th of April, at 6 pm. Anyone who secures the Season Pass 4, next to the three DLCs also gets the decorative fountain, the airship monument and the magnificent entrance gate as ornaments for the construction game.

Are the scales compatible?

For summer, the publication of the DLC “Reich of Ventige” is announced, at the end of the year appears “Rise of the New World”. The airships that you have seen in Reveal stream are previously only “first drawings”. In the FAQ, the developers explain that they are no definitive concepts. Rather, the airships should first only show how individual things could work. It is also certain: the world renewal will be compatible with your scales. It expands your new world and adds new islands.

Free Items next week

Season 4 Pass Trailer | Anno 1800

With the release of germ of hope on April 12, new Twitch Drops start for Anno 1800 (Buy Now 18.00 € / 21.99 €). Between the 8th and 20th of April, you can therefore secure free items again if your participating streamers look at playing the shoulders for a while. Details should follow in the coming week. It is fixed: This time, the twitch drop event should be open to all streamers.

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