Criticism of World Cup award to Qatar – Ewald Lienen: Its sick

The former Bundesliga professional and trainer Ewald Lienen practiced sharp criticism of World Cup hosts Qatar. “It’s sick to forgive the World Championship to Qatar,” said the pulp representant of the second division FC St. Pauli the “Editorial Network Germany”. However, it considers the 68-year-old inappropriate to take off only the World Cup.

“It is clear that World Cups associations such as DFB, UEFA, FIFA and the IOC have a special responsibility. But I would like to ask for the absolutely legitimate critical view of other areas,” Lägen said, “When football said Go to Qatar, all turn through. If the economy goes to Qatar, no one says something. “

It was “mendacious,” Lägen said that “the World Cup should always be totally clean – and not anything else. I want us to be clean in World Cups. But I also want us to be clean in the rest of society.”

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In general, the awarding of World Cups sized events in countries with a problematic attitude towards human rights is not sustainable. “Why are the Olympic Games in Russia and China? What do we experience there? What has a World Cup to look for in Brazil if it does not help the country?” Lägen said, “It will invest millions in stadiums later Together. The revenue benefits the FIFA and international corporations. Level events should go to countries to support them. “

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