Today I decided to live a viewer participation type that can play “Plico” where Hanista belongs to “Run for Money-Runaway-Run ~”!

Litmus Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Natopy, Litmus, Litmus), “Run for Money-Runaway,” in the “Run for Money-Running Cook” in April 1, 2022. We will inform you of carrying out a viewer participatory live distribution by Precor.

# “Preco” is a hunter, a escape person and play against the viewer!

From 19:00 on Saturday, 19:00 We will carry out a viewer participatory live distribution by “Precor) belonging to Hanista. Live delivery is delivered on the Youtube channel of Preco.

It is good to participate, good to watch. Plico chases the audience and escapes! Let’s enjoy Haraharadokidoki’s escape drama together in real time!

# [Comment from Plyco]

“My name is Pro. It will be 30 years old soon, but the summer vacation homework at small six is not over. If you’re running away. If you are familiar with the author of the author of the tree of Mochimochi, please contact us as soon as possible.”

[Delivery schedule]
April 9, 2022 (Sat) 19:00 to 20:00

▼ Live delivery URL
Let’s make a reservation for viewing to remember the delivery of the day!

【way to participate】
1 Download “Run for Money-Running Cooking”
2 Start the game and select “Room number” from the home screen start menu
3 Enter the room number to convey Plico with live delivery and enter the room

▼ Download from here

※ If there are many applicants who wish to participate, the match will be up to one person.
※ Please note that all applicants may not be able to participate in the match in the delivery time.

# [Released from today]

“Run for Money-Runaway-Run-Run ~” can be played from today, so let’s download it in advance and play to enjoy the match against the premises of the day! In addition, popular characters will appear as a released commemoration! (Holding period: April 1-April 28, 2022)

Popular characters such as “Rascal” “Bonabo” “Cinamorol” and “Kumamon” will appear in the game as a playerskin. Skins can be randomly acquired from the “Release Commemorative Collaboration Gacha” to a certain probability. Also, just log in to the game during the collaboration period, you can get a limited item “Release Memorial Flag” and everyone!

Please get the popular character skin and release commemorative flag and enjoy the match!

# About [PRECOR]

YouTuber belonging to Honey Studio. The ability of the Channel registrant of Yotube 110,000 people and asymmetric match game. As a voiced funny brother, I enjoy many people in various game delivery.

▶ YouTube
▶ Twitter Twitter

About # # [Honey Studio]

It is a creator production managed by the game capture media “game Eight”.

More than 40 pairs of game-based YouTuber are joining and distributing various game titles daily.

▶ https: //

# “Run for Money-Runaway Come ~”

This work is an asymmetric online multi action match game collaborated with the popular program of Fuji TV “Running” and the title “Jailbreaker” during our operation. The player is divided into a hunter and a runner (runner), and the hunter is to secure all the escape people, and the escape person is to find 10 keys from the world and escape from the goal. Participants can get rewards depending on the elapsed time. “Wipe” will be displayed in the sense of watching TV, and real-time delivery can be enjoyed while grasping other players trends.

# “Run for Money-Running Cooking ~” App Overview

[Title] Run for Money ~ Runaway-Genko ~ [Genre] Asymmetric Online Multi-Action Competition Game [Corresponding Terminal] iOS / Android (It may not be available depending on model) [Usage fee] Basic play free (some item charges System) [Twitter]

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