GTA online fans are stinksauer on rock star and call to the boycott of GTA +

Rockstar has published the new subscription service GTA + for GTA online this week – all the displeasure of many fans. In the community you are pretty agreed that the multiplayer mode tends even more to the pay2win with the model. Therefore, there are now several actions that invoke to a boycott, not only of GTA + but for certain periods of GTA online.

GTA uprising on reddit

Reddit Users LifesNotworthitsRsly has posted a poster that pronounces the use of GTA +: “No GTA + protest,” says. “Closes with us to a protest of Rockstars subscription service. Plays no GTA online from 4 to 10 April.”

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The graphic should be divided into as many channels as possible from the community to alert Rockstar to the boycott. Apart from that, of course, the studio should also be taken by the (temporary) declining player figures.

Here you get all the important information about GTA online on the new consoles:

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Not the first action: Already to the launch there was a similar boycott on Reddit. All who are against the new subscription service should not play GTA online on March 29th. The Post claims that “a lot of people” participated in it, but of course we can not check that. The future will show how long GTA online will be successful. In the comments among the posts, many fans do not believe that rock star can be moved to a rethink.

GTA online is now also available for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S:

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What does GTA + offer us?

GTA + has been available since March 29 and costs 5.99 euros in the month. For this, you will receive 500,000 GTA $ every month and some individual bonuses such as expensive vehicles or an XP boost. In the first month, for example, the aquarius superyacht as well as triple GTA $ and RP in the HSW race series are. In addition, all can purchase special cash cards in the shop with a subscription, which bring an additional bonus.

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