Nintendo Switch Online: 3 classics of NES and SNES arrive in the catalog

Accustomed to enrich the Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive Online Switch Online catalog, Nintendo decided to vary the pleasure by preferring three titles from the Catalog NES and Super Nes for the update of the month of March 2022. The first, and no doubt
The best known, is none other than Earthworm Jim 2, a classic action-platform game featuring a worm of land become justified space.

Playing NEW NES/SNES Games for Nintendo Switch Online!
Then we are dealing with Dig Dug 2 that many do not know, a title released in 1986 and which consists of killing enemies that chasing the hero on increasingly narrow islets.

Stay then Mappy-Land, even less popular, he also released in 1986 and who is a kind of platform to the Mario, but at the controls of a mouse.
It does not rejuvenate all that…

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