Ott, Ott, a voice on the acquisition. Cacao, Kupang Gose

Domestic OTT industry met with the Presidential Acquisition Committee. In the domestic media industry relay meetings, which have been promoted by science and technology education, the suggestion of native OTT operators was delivered.

In the afternoon, the Targets opened the meeting to listen to the products such as content wave, teebing, Watcha, Cacao, and Kupang at the Seoul Samcheong-dong Financial Institution.

At the recovery and the meeting, the minimum regulation of the common opinion of the domestic OTT industry was mainly discussed. The regulatory level, which is a traditional media as an industry, now the industry, is that it can be a stumbling block on industry growth.

In addition, global OTT operators are considered to be the key agenda on the reverse of domestic operators, while global OTT operators are in Korea.

On this day, the voice of the digital contents industry, including OTT, depending on the change in Google, which has changed in the app’s billing policy, is also a noteworthy.

The noteworthy part is that in the meantime, the Kakao and Kupang are added in addition to Wave, Teabing and Watcha for a year of the OTT council for a year.

It means that domestic OTT operators have gathered. Cacao and Kupang have begun the commencement of the LCD and decided to continue the OTT council and policy consultation.

In the industry, it is a mood that the industry’s opinion delivery is sufficient for the industry and the interval for a short period of time. The opinion is dominant that the actual media environment is rapidly changing and related to the relevant discussion is not the end of the day.

As the conference is shortened, even if the acquisition is more interested, the atmosphere is fantilized.

Prior to, the number of traditional media operators and conferences such as terrestrial and comprehensive channel channels follows OTT followed by cable TV, IPTV, PP, etc.

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As a result, the number of acquisitions is expected to be worried about comprehensive media policy directions considering new media and legacy media, including OTT.

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