GTA Online: Community celebrates crazy physics

A curious clip ensures a stir and amusement in GTA online. In it, a player shows how he suddenly recorded on the bicycle seemingly captured by invisible powers and is fully catapulted without their own fault to a pretty curry place.

The world in GTA Online has something exciting at all corners and ends, sometimes the surprise potential in Rockstars Open World Hit accepts something to abstruse trains. A player has now documented a particularly oblique breakdown of the game physics ** and posted on Reddit – the community is well maintained by the Monster Glitch.

GTA 5: Players experienced bicycle breakdown of a special kind

In GTA 5, Reddit-User Darkstunde has a nice day to sweep his bike to a bit of the area to nozzles. However, as he has to determine, has the desert her own laws – only so to explain that he suddenly finds himself suddenly on a broadcasting mast after a very harmless stunt trial.

Avenger revisited - GTA Online
Look at the crazy clip on Reddit here:

That he is detected in the midst of a gigantic upgrade, however, it seems very little to disturb little. After his unexpected air deposit he celebrates the bizarre breakdown moment with a small dance on the mast.

Grand Theft car: breakdown ensures enthusiasm

The Glitch clip was in the GTA Online Forum on RedDit already considered over 52,000 upvotes . The game physics breakdown therefore finds great appeal in the community and most players take the dropout with humor, like the funny comments underneath.

  • “Of all the things I expected, that was not there.” ( Reddit User Sandl0t )
  • “This is easily explained by the occurrence of winds in dry and hot climates.” ( Reddit User BuzzVert )
  • “Is that the PS3 / 360 version?” ( Reddit User FatPhotog )
  • “Did you drive bike lately? That’s how it fits!” ( Reddit User Barr007 )

The next Grand Theft car is already on the way – in our video we list what mistakes should not be repeated in GTA 6:

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