HSV returns to the winning road against Aue

HSV coach Tim Walter changed twice compared to 1: 2 against Paderborn: Pipe and Vgnoman replaced Muheim and Alidou.

Aues coach Pavel Dotchev took five changes compared to 2: 3 in Ingolstadt: Carlson, Majetschak, Messeguem, Trujic and Jonjic began instead of Cacutalua, Fandrich, Kühn, Zolinski and Owusu.

Both teams fought in this catch-up game for connection to the relegation places – the HSV to third place, Aue around the 16th place. The better start gained the householders who priced: Jatta (7., 11th) awarded first promising opportunities before it made Glatzel better: his header after a fall of smocks the striker pressed the right corner (14th).

With the lead in the back, the HSV still played dominant, including rice a ball just beside the gate (28th). But after the first half hour, scenic scenes were rarer, the game lost a little at speed. Even Aue could hardly serve anything. Nazarov’s Distance Shot (39.), which could be parceled by Heuer Fernandes, was the only dangerous closing situation of the guests.

Cunters increased by flatter ball – HSV shows happiness

Shortly before the breaking whistle the HSV received a free kick from central position. Smooth took the matter: with a flatter ball he prepared meal big difficulties. Although the Keeper of the guests came ran, the ball could ultimately steer only in his own goal (45. + 1).

After the side change, the HSV first switched to the administrative mode, which allowed Aue the first proper chance of Jonjic (51.). But then the houses showed themselves from their playful side and sucked against then overwhelmed things opportunity. Glatzel (67., 70.), Vgnoman (70th) and rice (73nd) failed before heyer with a powerful shot under the lath to 3: 0 (75th).

Hamburg win a second ligapole in April for the first time

Aue hardly made it into the offensive, whereas the HSV continued to push the pace. One of the numerous chances then led to the fourth goal for the HSV: The strong rice closed placed on the bottom left (83.).

In the end, this is 4-0 from many ways valuable for the HSV: For the first time since five winless games, the hamburger, who now approached the upper ranks. In addition, the HSV first won a game in the month of April for the first time in its second division.


The HSV travels to Kiel on the 29th matchday (Sunday, 13.30 clock). Aue gets to do it on Saturday (13.30 clock) with Hanover.

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