Is there a cooperative in My Time At Sandrock?

My Time At Sandrock is a continuation of My Time At Portia from Pathea Games and expands the possibilities of a life simulator. It includes many new features, such as an extended combat system, a new city and new non-gamers, with whom you can get acquainted and make friends. But one feature about which you may wonder are a joint game, and whether it is in My Time At Sandrock.

The answer is no – in My Time AT Sandrock there is no cooperative at least not in early access release. The Patea Games are confirmed in Steam’s discussion: “The multiplayer will not be available after starting early access, as it is still under development.” Unfortunately, it means that you cannot play in the cooperative My Time At Sandrock with a friend.

My Time at Sandrock - Official Trailer

Does the Multiplayer in My Time At Sandrock?

There is No multiplayer in “My time in Sandock”. Pathea Games studies and develops a cooperative and multiplayer mode, so they are trying to make it work. Although it will not be in the early access version of My Time At Sandrock, ultimately it will be added to the game.

When will the joint game appear in My Time AT Sandrock?

The cooperative will be Most likely it will be added to My Time At Sandrock, when the game will be released full release or after . Those who supported the game on Kickstarter and chose the levels of a multiplayer game, were able to test this feature and leave feedback. So, if you’re lucky, a cooperative will appear in My Time At Sandrock.

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