LOL – Three minutes with Wunder: “I do not need to play alone to not get anything and waste time”

FNATIC is still very alive in the fight for the title of champion League of Legends European. The British set will have to face a new meeting against G2 ESPORTS to sneak into the final and have its opportunity to rematch against Rogue. A context that invites the illusion among the fans of the black and orange squad, which could reach the number of titles of its historical rivals. A situation that has given us the opportunity to speak with Wunder , the protagonist of one of the most interesting stories of the Spring Split of Lec 2022, after he defeated the exequipment of him in the first round of the picture of Winners

Wunder Comment from G2, Vitality and the State of Soloq

As Ekko would say: the important thing is not the time you have, if not as you use it. Wunder is not precisely a person who needs an extensive talk to give him the opinion of League of Legends or get wet with respect to the opinions of him competitive. The player acknowledged that it was “_The host” “having won G2 ESPORTS , being his next objective to eliminate them definitively at the next confrontation that will take place next Saturday, April 9 at 5:00 pm Spanish peninsular time.

On the team of caps , he recognizes that when he faces them he makes use of his knowledge about the team. From the “ganks dogs” that the mid laner makes to the lateral streets to the taste of Jankos by the crack’s herald. On other teams, he also talked about Team Vitality and the pique who maintained both teams. Wunder says that “there is no bad roll_” and that sometimes we take things too seriously. In addition, he wanted to ratify that FNATIC is having some workouts of the most productive.

Jim Rohn: Stop Wasting Any More Time (Audio)

Maybe the most interesting thing for many fans of the League of Legends competition are the comments of him with respect to himself. We all know that the Top LANER Danish of Fnatic is not precisely the most sacrificed player when playing qualifiers, but it is about that he he does not believe that they are very useful . The literal phrase was “No I do not need to play rankeds to not get anything and lose time“, an opinion that he has been holding long before the recent crises about the rankeds. However, he also assured that if someone from the team considers that he needs to strive a little more he will do it without problems.

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