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The Last of Us Factions has been one of the biggest multiplayer surprises have never adorned the PlayStation platform. The fact that you can easily find servers filled on ps4 eight years after the launch of The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 bears witness to its unique fusion between the traditional multiplayer and the voltage voltage gameplay acclaimed by critics. The fact is that factions was so popular among its fans that a second iteration was virtually guaranteed to accompany the possible the Last of Us: Part 2 at its launch in 2020. Except that this is not the case, and two years later, we are still waiting.

So, what does it give? Where is The Last of Us Factions 2? Well, for those looking for more in-depth knowledge about what we know, what we think of knowing and finely chosen theories, so head to the youtube chain ** where you will find our complete reflections to this subject.

However, if playback is your style, here is an overview of what is happening with The Last of Us Factions 2.

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While Playstation enthusiasts were nervously waiting for the Last of Us: Part 2, Naughty Dog launched the bomb that the highly anticipated multiplayer component would not only be delayed, it would be published as its own stand-alone title. However, the flow of information stopped there and did not continue for another two years.

With persistent questions on the part of the fans on when they might expect factions to appear, Naughty Dog gave us a piece of information in his Last of Us Day blog article: he still works there.

And this takes us to our days when fans of factions always hope that one day factions will be revealed. Thanks to job offers, we know that factions will focus on live service elements, which is really to predict for a stand-alone multiplayer title. But even with all rumors about the Royal Battle modes and code leaks, we still know very little about the moment we expect to get their hands on shivs and supplies of blue bottles.

Take a look at the above video for many theories, a detective job and, if we are honest, a wishful vow!

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