Organizational failure: FC St. Pauli raises serious allegations against Rostock police

In a statement published on Wednesday, FC St. Pauli refers to incidents, “who have gained himself on Saturday and at night in Rostock” and of which the club “deeply affected” shows: “The handling of guest fans is absolutely unacceptable and been irresponsible. We speak here from an organizational failure to a whole line. “

After the description of the Hamburgers, Rostock’s fans were on the guest’s annex during the half-time break. This was “minutes with pyrotechnic products and color boxes” have been granted, “during the next police units did not interfere”. “It was an attack that has been allowing to endanger the health of all sorts of fans. The following violent approach to the police against the guest fans was arbitrary and disproportionate,” it continues in the opinion. Then there were also “against reactions” of the St. Pauli trailer.

After the game, it came again “to police violence against our fans through the use of punching sticks, waterers and irritating gas,” complains of the FC St. Pauli, “After our fans were attacked by Rostockers again, while they were set in confined spaces, and no way had to escape the attack, so panic broke out “.

The FC St. Pauli, who has gathered, evaluated and necessary, for processing in cooperation with the Families and Braun-White Help (Legal Support for Football Fans) “first adventure reports”, is therefore not conclusive, “that the police has fulfilled its protection order. Instead, consciously health impairments of our fans were taken into account by the police, both in the halftime and after posting of the game and when entering the buses “.

Schwere Auseinandersetzungen bei Rostock - St. Pauli (in der Halbzeit) | Hansa - Pauli 1:0

The second league third has announced further work-up and support for affected fans. Meanwhile, the relevant police in Rostock has not said about the incidents. On the demand of the NDR it was only called Tuesday that the use “currently critically evaluated”.

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