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Interest in Coron released on the past day is hotter than expected. At first, it was just a pocket monster parody game, but I know, I know that I have stimulated Pokemon perfume, but I am getting a good evaluation based on the game performance.

Coromon is a re-established RPG created by the Indie Games Developer Trag Soft, and the demo version was released in the rewater year, and the formal version was released in two years. It is a story of Belua, a wildlife called Comondon, called Comondon, and is a battle to adventure. There are 120 corones with a unique design, and there are a dungeon of various environments such as glacial region, lava zone, plant, department store.

If Pokemon Games Were EVEN MORE Self Aware (Parody)

After launch, the reaction is very hot. More than 700 reviews are positive for 953 reviews registered in steam. Most positive evaluates are what I thought of when I enjoyed 2D graphics Pokemon through a childhood game Boy. In fact, the basic format is similar to Pokemon, such as taking a monster and adventuring multiple areas, exceeding each regional gym, and executing the villain forces. In addition, Pokemon is reminiscent of the concept, such as ‘element’, which is similar to the pocket monster type.

However, the evaluation of the game is not just on the “Pokemon Copy Game”. This game only has its own proprietary system and features. Pokemon technology uses a Battle system that utilizes a stamina point (SP) instead of the number of PPs. Like Pokemon, Coron also consumes SP at attack. However, the maximum SP retention is different for each individual, and if the technical power is high, the SP is consumed less. If the SP drops, it is necessary to write a turn on the SP dwelling at all, so there is a strategic design that needs to be used to calculate the technical power and SP consumption.

In addition, it has a good main story that it is not easy to fulfill it in other Pocket Monster series. In some reviews, it is said that the most story is better than the third generation title that is better to be the most story of the Pocket Monster series. In addition, it is not enough to have enough storage to enjoy the story mode for 30 hours.

In addition, it is possible to confirm that the game was carefully created than the game. In particular, in the Pokémon series, the efforts and objects that the Ho-piler’s efforts are greater than in Coron, which can easily catch corones with high abilities. In addition, there are many hidden elements and enjoyment, and many fans are satisfied and enjoying the game.

Of course, there are also points that are pointed out as a disadvantage. There is no ability to quickly skip attack animation, dialogue, etc. In addition, unlike cute designs, Coron is literally a lot of designs close to monsters. Domestic users have a lot of evaluation of ‘negative’ because of Korean translation with low completeness that seems to be turned into a Google translator.

It is a game that is still a game that is still handy to use, but it is chosen that it is good to feel 2D Pokemon memories, and it is a unique game. There is also a lot of things that have been produced by a small indie game developer. If you resolve the pointed problem through the update, you will be able to be reborn as an indie game masterpiece to stimulate the perfume of classical Pokemon fans that can not be easily enjoyable.

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