THQ NORDIC will hold online events on August 13th. New announcement and “Outcast 2-a New Beginning” etc. schedule

Publisher’s THQ NORDIC announced online event that introduces the company’s new work at 4:00 am on August 13, Japan.

In this online event that was held last year, this online event will deliver the new announcement and the announcement of the announced title. It is said that more than one new work is planned, and it will be expanding the THQ Nordic portfolio on both the original work and the license work. From the dark and rough things, it is a colorful, and it is possible to comprehensively enjoy various works. In addition, about the follow-up, the appearance of “Outcast 2-a New Beginning” and “JAGGED ALLIANCE 3” announced last year have been earned.

The THQ NORDIC will hold the first online event as “10th Anniversary Showcase” last year, and it will be the second time this year. In addition to the above two works mentioned above, works such as “DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2-Reprobed”, “Expeditions: ROME” “MX VS ATV LEGENDS” “SuperPower 3” “Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake”. At that time, the company was still 28 new new works that still have not yet announced. It is noted that any new work will be present at this year’s event.

THQ NORDIC’s online event will be broadcast at YouTube / Twitch / Steam at 4 am on August 13, Japan. Also, just before the event, Title information of HandyGames, a group company, is also delivered. Therefore, it would be good to wait for about 30 minutes of the start time.

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