“Elden Ring” Radan is drowning. Unexpected weakness, star crushing of kanazuchi

General Radahn, Conqueror of The Stars | Boss Analysis | Elden Ring
It seems that a new weakness was found in the star crushed Radan, a boss of “Elden Ring”. However, it is not a gimmickered gimmick, but it is seen as an unhappy accident of the attack of attack. GameSradar + is conveyed. Note that this paper contains the details of the Radan, so it should be noted.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG that the From Software worked. The boss that appears in this work is a strong person or a song person. Boss Demigods with the Axis of the Story, the background is depicted in heavy, and it will repeat the special move to remove your liver even in battle. Demigots are also having a character of a character or a great popularity (or grudge) from fans. Above all, a man who receives hot support from many fans is “Radan of a star crushing”.

Radan is a brave man with a brave man with crushing the star of the two. The production leads to stage gimmicks and bosses is also brave, and there are many fans who have a fancy and love Radan. Also, the boss was also known for its strength. A tremendous attack of a large-scale, high frequency, high power of high power, and a lot of players screamed immediately after the release. However, the overall adjustment is made and the strength is mild with subsequent updates. At the same time, some attack power drops that had a defect were corrected and the intense of the day was slightly regained. The fans were also awkward and frustrating, and showed the charisma of Radan. However, this great man seems to have surprisingly a weak point. He can not swim. He is a so-called candych.

It is a “meteorites attack” from super altitude that made the unexpected weakness of Radan. It is an attack that raises to the altitude that can be confused to the night sky star, and is a meteorite and the player to pace the player. This glowing attack is a technique that symbolizes Radan, and it would have been a funeral of many players. But sadly, Radan is likely to be dying in the sea. With regard to this phenomenon, the user reports on the domestic Twitter, such as the overseas bulletin board REDDIT.

If you check the video, it seems that an accident is likely to occur if the player is in the watermelon at the time of the meteorites attack. It can be seen that Radan is dynamic insertion as it is the momentum of the meteorites attack. If you can drop the meteorites from high sky, it’s likely to jump out of water. However, Radan is in the sea algae break as it is his Ai horse. Although it can be understood that it will be dead die, it can be understood that it will be dead die, it is also possible to feel a comicalness that can not only be swimming. In a sense, it seems that the charm point has increased.

Not only Radan, but a strong enemy death report, such as Margit, is observed in the community. Although I’m glad to defeat the enemy, fall death will be slightly beaten. In addition, the meteorites attack outside the radan standard may also have the nature of the unfortunate “sea pocha”. Fortunately, the battle area with Radan is large and is not difficult to avoid waterfront. If you want to enjoy the war festival without mind, you may want to leave the water side a little.

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