Europa League | Eintracht Frankfurt vs. FC Barcelona: Proud SGE remains humble despite the draw

Minutes stood by the proud European Cup specialists in front of the highly satisfied fan curve and could be celebrated. When loud “Eintracht-Frankfurt-Waltz” you could get the feeling that the giant hurdle FC Barcelona was already cleared out of the way.

In fact, the 1: 1 against the world club was an evening, from which one will swarm in Frankfurt for a long time. In quarter-final duel with the Spanish pot favorite, it was only a first step.

“We had them on the edge of the defeat, so we stay very, very humble, we are incredibly satisfied with the performance. We will be with the conviction to Barcelona, that we can win there,” said head trainer Oliver Glasner after the draw Thanks to Ferrán Torres a dream gate of Ansgar Knauf still equalized the guests.

Anger or frustration did not feel the Austrian Glasner shortly before midnight, though his team had the better chances and Barca delivered a fight at eye level.

“Today trouble, then you lose the ground under your feet. It is important to always stay humble,” said Glasner, who saw his tactical specifications almost perfectly implemented in a memorable football evening in front of 48,000 spectators. The rodemble for Pedri and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang hardly came to the Frankfurt city forest hardly for development and was still well served with the draw.

Barca coach Xavi self-critical

Europa League DRAW: Barcelona will take on Frankfurt! | ESPN FC

Barcelona’s coach Xavi Hernandez Konstated: “We have to be self-critical. We did not make good game, but a good result achieves. You can lose, but we have scored a draw.” Ultimately we can be satisfied with the result. “

The former world-class kicker uses everything on the Factor Camp Nou, where the second leg will be played in front of more than 90,000 spectators next Thursday (21.00 clock).

Then the Eintracht fans want to mix heavily again. Officially, the Hesse is only a quota of about 5000 cards, but that interests the Eintracht in its Europa-delusion and after two hard years of pandemie-related pause little.

35,000 card inquiries for Barcelona

“We have 35,000 card inquiries for Barcelona,” Targeted Board spokesman Axel Hellmann already before the first leg at RTL. The good starting point is likely to effect the Frankfurt travel ideal. The planning of the trips is always complicated, because the flights have been overbooked for shortly after the draw.

Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, who defused a strong shot of Torres after three minutes, saw a “outstanding game” of the team, but not only felt like his final whistle.

“In the end it is a bit crazy because we walked from the square against Barcelona with a 1: 1 and the feeling had been more in it,” said the national goalkeeper. One had “created a position in which everything is possible”. In the second leg, defender Tuta is missing, which had to be from the square after a yellow-red card.

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