LOL: Vetheo was the best field player of Lec, but I do not think the MVP deserves

Vetheo has been chosen as the mvp of the Spring Split of LEC 2022. First Individual Award for the French player, who burst into the great European competition last season to confirm a meteoric promotion from the semiprofessional circuit of his country. Single feat for a young man who has not reached twenty and has become the best valued of the competition during his regular season. Eight weeks in which he dominated the central lane being the great surprise of a gaming misfits that nobody placed in the first three positions before the start of the season.

The best “field player” of the European League of Legends

Attending to the history of competition awards, the result was not very difficult to predict. Vetheo has been the best field player of the entire European League of Legends and only Malang (Rogue) could boast of having been equally decisive for his team from one of the four dominant positions of the Summoner’s Rift. However, there was an alternative candidate that has finished second position. We talk about Hylissang , that if he has not taken the prize is, possibly, because he plays in a disadvantage position to raise any individual award.

Before following, we are going to review the history of award-winning Individual Awards of the League of Legends European:

Why Vetheo Should Be LEC MVP

In total, only 2 of the 33 awarded for its individual performance belonged to the position of support . A tiny percentage for which we should also bear in mind that Labrov (2020) competed against players of a scarce level that did not take too long to leave the Lec. The tonic is not very different in the rest of competitions. Even if North America has counted on corejj during the last seasons there is still a bias against support players (only 4 of 27 prizes) and in Korea Keria ** has been the first support recognized as MVP after The Spring Sprit of 2022.

Although it is true that against Hylissang weighs being very much better surrounded by Vetheo in misfits, the truth is that player statistics have been stratospheric. In one of every three games he participated in the first blood in favor of his team, getting a golden advantage in 15 minutes of 407 monetary units and always standing above in terms of experience despite their usual rides on the map, keeping a kDa of 4.2. Solo Trymbi (Rogue) can be compared as to statistics. He says a lot about the situation the fact that this player has only been mentioned by one of the 58 participants .

Vetheo was not a bad candidate to be MVP of the European League of Legends competition in this Spring Split of Lieving at the regular phase. The Frenchman has competed well and has rescued his team on many occasions. Nor is it the objective to discredit the experts who vote with all the good intention of him and in many cases with a knowledge of the overflowing game. However, denying that there is a bias against support players at this point is practically impossible.

As in football or any other sport, in League of Legends we value spectacular and efficiency . The scorer above the assistant and the field player above the goalkeeper. For some Riot developers, Supports are the basic operating pillar of a team, but also a non-potential position to win games by itself. They can keep the tie to zero, but not score goals.

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