HSV professional Josha Vgnoman threatens to change with change

In the ascent race of the 2nd Bundesliga, the Hamburger SV is located six gaming days before the end of the season currently only in the outsider role. In the case of personnel planning, apparently much depends on the outcome of the season finale.

As the “picture” reports, Josha Vagnoman now has a prominent HSV professional told his future to the ascent racey fate of the Hanseates. Only with a climb of the 21-year-old stay in the Hanseatic city, it says. Otherwise, the outer chest is a change in the Bundesliga.

A similar scenario was discussed with him already in the past season. At that time, however, a lengthy tendon injury of tenfold U21 national player discouraged potential prospects.

Last summer, there were vague rumors about a possible change to BVB, also clubs from Italy and England should have been interested in the services of the defense talent.

Now that the defender has brought his overall six-month forced break, these clubs could possibly be presented again at the Elbe.

HSV boss probably ready to talk

However, the HSV leadership does not meet the fact that Vagnoman could leave the club. The report according to the Hamburgs are quite a conversation if the transfer is correct. Allegedly, the pain limit should be for the right-back at six to eight million euros.

Although it is basically the intention of the ascent raceing leadership to hold the squad together and to strengthen it in the case of non-rise. However, a sale of VAGNOMAN Böte also chances. With a high single-digit million amount, other new commitments could be realized, which enhance the squad in width.

Similarly, the HSV had acted last summer. At that time, a prosprency player Amadou Onana was sold for seven million euros to the OSC Lille.

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