Magath: Of course, Union is the favorite

Even the last remnants have been brought to the man since Thursday, 74,667 spectators will be on Saturday night in the sold-out Olympic Stadium Eyewits of the Third Berlin Derby’s ongoing season. In November, Hertha conceded in the league in the penultimate game under Pal Dardai after a bloodless appearance a 0: 2 defeat in old forester. In mid-January, Hertha said, under Dardais successor Tayfun Korkut at home against Union from the DFB Cup, at the 2: 3 in the second round, the blue-and-white fell the first half hour completely. Now, in the third derby and again a new coach, Hertha wants to win finally. The backdrop is to become a factor. “Mood is always good for a team, if in the stadium is what’s going on, it is always conducive as a player,” said Managing Director Fredi Bobic on Friday afternoon in the matchday press confrrenz. “Who is afraid has missed the profession. It will be unique tomorrow, great to have a feeling again, which is all an eternity for us. It becomes colorful, it will be atmospheric. This can be a great mood cheering tomorrow But for that you have to do something. For that you have to somehow pull Ackern and the thing in the end. “

Magath asks for support

Kulkut successor Felix Magkath, since his arrival in Berlin Hertha has a convincing (3: 0 against Hoffenheim) and a bottom line solid, but temporarily indistinguished game (1: 2 in Leverkusen) entered the balance, hopes for a lot of support from The ranks: “Finally again full hut, finally again right football atmosphere. On such a game you can only be happy. We can only master the situation together. I ask the fans for the greatest possible support. The players are willing, something will be charged to do. They lack something of the belief in themselves. “

Pekarik is ready for use

Personnel has the situation that threatened dangerous during the week is somewhat relaxed. For sure, after club details, only Stammkeeper Alexander Schwolow (tendon injury in the thigh) and winter newcomer Kelian Nsona (mountain training according to crossband tear). Right defendant Peter Pekarik, who had to stop training on Wednesday with a bandaged ankle, is ready for use. Even left-back Marvin Plattenhardt (adductor problems) should and wants to stand on the lawn. The use of Niklas strong (bone extension in the ankle), which Magath brought in both games in the defensive midfield, is still open. “At Niklas is a question mark,” said Magath, “we have to wait for the unity in the afternoon.”

At the meaning of the game, the coach had no doubt: “We still have six endams, nothing else. With every point we do not do, the uncertainty and pressure that is already great anyway.” Especially in his HSV time, the 68-year-old experienced some inner-city duels, even before his Berlin derby premiere, he acquainted: “I have no derby fears, but I’m already nervous. The players are, I think, too. A derby is something special. You have to be nervous to bring special services. Normal achievements can be delivered without nervousness. “

Magath praises Zingler and Fischer

The opponent Union, who corrected his seasonal goal in the direction of Europe this week, MAGATT paid a praise for the continuous work. “Union was largely different than many other Bundesliga clubs,” said Hertha’s coach. “They had a line and have pulled this line throughout the last few years, maybe even decades. This is closely linked to the first man, Mr Zingler, who stands for this club and has set up this club. They are never from their line devoted today, in recent years, they have taken more attention to the mentality of the players than on the so-called potential, which a player may always have. Thus they have driven them pretty well. “

Hier goes to the table calculator…

And the obligation of his coerceckuards Urs Fischer sees Magath as an important factor for the remarkable development of the club from Köpenick, which is currently ten places and 15 points in front of Hertha: “You brought the right trainer at the right time. You have a lot to this man Thank what happened in the last three years. ” Continuity, mentality, a line – all this was not recognizable at Hertha in the time where Fischer Union trains. Therefore, for Magath, the power ratios before the clash on Saturday is clear: “Of course, Union is the favorite, that’s no question. Nevertheless, we have chances to win the game.”

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