Herrmann leaves the continuation of the career

Biathlon Olympic Champion Denise Herrmann has still not made a decision on the continuation of her career. “To be able to bring high performance, a lot of voices,” said the 33-year-old of the sächsische Zeitung: “And if you, as I’ve been there for a few years, you know what you have to vote in concretely. If that is given, I conclude Not that I’m a little bit of dranning at my career. “

You will now go on vacation and “let out” everything, “she made it out,” then there will be a decision in a timely manner. Basically, I am always healthy and the past years ago, so there would be nothing in the way. ” Generally, the Home World Cup in the coming winter (8 to 19 February 2023) for you already have a special charm.

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“Clearly clear: Oberhof would once again be a huge goal,” Herrmann said, “Above all, it would be nice if spectators could come back after two years and one experienced the mood for which Oberhof is familiar to the birx level, is unique. ” With Erik Lesser, a service provider in the German biathlon team had recently explained his resignation.

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