LOL – MSI 2022: All classified and possible rival teams of G2 ESPORTS in the tournament

After finishing the spring season as European League champions, G2 ESPORTS has pointed a new appointment on your calendar. Flakked and company will soon be able to head to South Korea to dispute the MSI 2022 . New scenario for some members of the staff and first opportunity for caps or jankos to raise a degree that they already got two editions ago. Doing so will not be anything simple, as you will have to measure all the teams that have won the Spring Split of the biggest leagues of each of the competitive regions.

The confirmed rivals of G2 ESPORTS in the MSI

Being aware of everything that happens in the World League of Legends is nothing simple and, although this year there is a league less due to the cancellation of the competition in Russia, it is easy to get lost among so much team. To begin, We will talk about all the rivals of G2 ESPORTS that have already been able to qualify for MSI . The draw will dictate if they will have to beat them in a direct duel or not, but we already know a few clubs that will be in South Korea when I start the MSI on May 10.

So far these are the teams classified at MSI 2022 next to G2 ESPORTS. Unlike the League of Legends World Championship, in this case Only the champions of each region come to the tournament . However, we are also going to take advantage to take a look at their possible rivals, attending to the situation of all the big leagues in the world.

All teams that can still reach MSI 2022

We will update this section as the parties take place, since we will know the rest of rivals progressively over the next few weeks. All teams that will fight for MSI 2022 until next April 24 will be confirmed, when the latest regions end. Remember that We will mention those who still have options and that the only ranking route is to win the Regional League.

LPL – China

We begin precisely through the region that will be later solved. There are a total of four teams with options .

LCS – North America

The four great favorites exceeded the first rounds , but they have a lot of roads until the competition ends on April 24.

ALL – Latin America

The Great League of Latin America will conclude next April 16 with a confrontation between Team Aze and Estral Esports.

CBLOL – Brazil

The playoffs in Brazil are being a true show , and we still have pending the great ending that will take place on April 23.

PCS – Southeast Asia

A lot of firewood by cutting with four teams still alive in the eliminations .

VCS – Vietnam

Winning is Fun - G2 Esports | 2022 LEC Spring Semifinal
Although it seems that this will be the year of the return of the VCS to international tournaments , the regular competition has not yet ended, so it is difficult to focus on only three or four candidates. Once the playoffs begin on the weekend of April 16, we will update the information.

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