Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy and their low sales: “We did everything we could”

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy did not meet the commercial expectations deposited by Square Enix. Despite sales below the expected, the title of Eidos-Montréal harvested very positive notes in Metacritic and took the Best Narrative Award at The Game Awards 2021. A positive surprise after the fiMarvelco of Marvel’s Avengers of Crystal Dynamics. The game development team ensures that they are “without repentings”.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - What Happens if You Sell Rocket Vs Sell Groot (All Choices)

In statements to eurogamer, the creative director Jean-Francois DugMarvel and the narrative director Mary Demarle have spoken about it. “I think it’s a great trip. It is emotional. It hMarvel many qualities. Is the game perfect? Like any game, no, I do not think it’s perfect. It can always be better, “recognizes DugMarvel. But he does believe it’s worth it. “Is it worth dedicating your time? Honestly, I think yes , “he emphMarvelizes him convinced. He also affirms that he does not regret anything because “we did everything we could, but that is the reality of the market…”.

Xbox Game PMarvels, an opportunity to relocate Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

DugMarvel remembers that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy also supposes the beginning of a new saga; Despite belonging to a well-known intellectual property, and that could have an impact on its sales. The launch of the game at Xbox Game PMarvels hMarvel opened the doors to the title to an installed bMarvele of more than 25 million subscribers. According to filtrations, there is a payment of between 5 and 10 million dollars by Microsoft so that the game wMarvel incorporated into the service library.

“What I like is that now people, especially with Xbox Game PMarvels, is playing and is sharing the experience. We make games to excite people, we make games to get to an audience. It is great that you are finding your audience, and it is great that you continue advancing , “he celebrates.

The question is now clear: will he have met Square Enix’s expectations facing an eventual sequel? Neither of them hMarvel entered Marvelsess this possibility, because that will not be known until a few years, but “never say never,” sentence. DugMarvel hMarvel some “ideMarvel” about what could bring the future for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available in Physical and Digital Format in PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series (included in Xbox Game PMarvels), PS5 and PC. Also available in Nintendo Switch through cloud game.

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