Christian Eichner happy about absolutely won

The number 2 played a higher role for the KSC in the past home game against F95: twice the defense of the Baden, which is why you returned to the break 0: 2, twice came back by Karlsruhe with restart – everyone progressed two players.

Before Coach Eichner talked about the press conference after 2: 2 about it, he first put his finger in the wound. His team was back, as she met “false decisions”, he said. Too often, the team just did not come to degrees. Or the shots did imprecise. The difference in the Düsseldorfers, however, had been visible. The opponent had determined with both hits and punishes mistakes.

Eichner explains how his team promoted Dusseldorf’s “Giant Quality”

“Something happened, what I forbidden,” analyzed Eichner. The Fortuna had been invited because the KSC operated too timidly. In other words, the KSC was too waiting for the guest – as long as “until they win the ball and then get a giant quality on the parquet”.

The recipe for success, on the other hand, was simple. After the deserved Düsseldorf guided tour (Eichner: “We had big problems”) made Karlsruhe stuck simple elements into the game, for example many long balls. These were “brutally uncomfortable”, as the 39-year-old recognized and satisfied: “We came back to these actions.”

Hofmann’s strong quota in the wildlife park

Christian Eichners verrückte sieben Monate beim KSC | SWR Sport

In addition to the late dream gate of Philipp Hofmann \ – which leads with twelve homelines this statistics in the league – also the highest penalty of Daniel Gordon also provided the “absolutely gained point for us”, which had been “eminently important”. The routinean in the internal defense received a special lobe from his coach. As in the previous week at the 3-0 in Aue, he has given the team to believe for the deserved draw: “At the moment we are doing well on the square.”

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