Fractured Online: Roadmap to Release Teasert Exciting Content

The release of fractured online is getting closer! Because while the closed beta has recently started with people as a playable people, developers reveal directly, whereupon players are still welcome. Because an official roadmap illuminates the upcoming content for summer, autumn and winter in 2022 – to the final release of fractured online. We were able to examine the game shortly before beta start – and have our impressions in a preview of fractured online for you .

The roadmap for the year 2022 in Fractured Online: What’s up to the release? Source: Gamigo

What is Fractured Online?

Fractured Online: Content of the Roadmap 2022

In the summer 2022 peace-loving players are particularly happy. Because in the hot months, after humans, the second people for fractured is finally unlocked online: the wild folk. These lives on a planet, on which it is not aggressive – you fight against players only in ordered and previously converted PVP. Accordingly, the Wildvolk can best get involved in cozy isometric MMO fun. As a summer update, there will also be new PVP events for the endgame and the introduction of the day / night cycle. Official screenshots from the beta version of Fractured Online Source: Gamigo The Fall 2022 finally brings the evil demons in contrast to the peaceful wild folk: Who whistles on rules and peace, comes with the bloodthirsty third people at his expense. Here is just the right of stronger! On top of that, Fractured online in the fall of 2022 gets a religion system as well as an expansion of craft, languages and tech updates. Official screenshots from the beta version of Fractured Online Source: Gamigo As regards the new content in winter 2022, the developers are still covered. However, there should still be “some surprises”, also a feature that has not been officially announced yet. But soon it should give new information. Access to the beta is possible for everyone interested about the purchase of a founder package.

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