Japanese STEAM users increased furious, and past the highest. A culture that plays a game on a PC has been penetrated in Japan

Valve has released STeam’s hardware & software survey in March 2022. The data in it is interesting. The number of Japanese users is largely increasing.

This report is a survey that Valve has published every month. When you introduce a STeam client, guidance of the survey is displayed. Users who agreed to their invitations are subject to survey, and various data collected from users are published monthly.

Survey subjects such as OS version and graphic board used are diverse. Among them, there is also a “language” category. Let’s look at the survey results in March 2022. The language used by the user is shown as a percentage, and English users 36.11%. Simplified users are lined with 26.23%. And I want to pay attention to the percentage of Japanese users. The number of Japanese users in March 2022 is 2.34%. The ranking is 8th in all languages. It looks like a sober, but this number is the highest in the past.

In fact, in STEAM hardware & software surveys, the proportion of Japanese users continues at a 1%. First of all, let’s see it five years ago. Japanese users in March 2017 are 1.06%. March 2018 drops to 0.56%. This year is a year that the simplicity has grown significantly. In March 2019, 1.10% recycling. In March 2020, 1.29%. It became March 2021 and rises to 1.72%. And in March 2022, 2.34% as described above. Looking at these transitions, it can be seen that Japanese users have increased significantly in recent years.

Simply compare, it means that there are Japanese users near March 2020. The elongation rate is high compared to other languages. As of March 2017, Japanese was 12th in all languages, but in March 2022, 8th in all languages. Five years ago, Polish, Korean and Turkish, etc. were dominant, but now their languages are above Japanese.

In STeam, the number of users itself tends to increase. In January this year, the number of simultaneous connection users of Steam records 29.1918,370 people. People are increasing in the STEAM itself, and in that case Japanese users are increasing. Although it can not be applied simply, if you fit this survey, it is a calculation that is 680 million out of 29.19 million. Many users know.

The reason that it is likely to be considered to have increased Japanese users will be diverse. The increase in the STEAM release of the large title and the increase in Japanese-friendly titles. There are many such reasons, such as being replaced by difficulty to purchase PS5. Various reasons will be entangled.

Even as a user, it may be often felt that STeam has penetrated in Japan. For example, every time a STEAM sale is performed, it is clearly felt that there is a trend in Twitter. There will be no doubt that the culture of playing games on a PC has been penetrated in recent years.

If Japanese users increase, that is, it is recognized that the market is large, and Japanese language support games will be more likely to increase. It is a good thing. If you continue to grow as it is, STeam will be a more wonderful platform for PC users. I want to expect a further leap. Also, I would like to ask early national releases of Steam Deck.

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