FIFA 22: Tots starts on April 17 with the community

Some dates are somewhat thicker in the calendars of the FUT fans perennial than others. To those of time windows, which are probably twice and triple circled, counts in mid-April to mid-June. Over two months, EA Sports usually organizes the event to the Team of the Season (Tots), which honors the strongest players of the season.

The developer has officially terminated the start, the dead will open at 19 o’clock next Sunday. A highlight traditionally does not supply EA SPORTS to the kick-off, but the community selection with interaction from the trailer is associated – you can choose your favorites yourself.

World tip initially not represented

In the context of the community tot, strong player, which are not for the specific selections of the individual leagues, are released for the coordination. Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappé are not expected yet – the world lit should only be mapped for FUT 22 in May.


In FIFA 21, 100 professionals were nominated for the community voting for the community voting, they were separated according to teams. Over an EA base, the fans were able to assemble and send their individual eleven after positions – the most chosen players landed in the official selection.

A conflictive procedure is also assumed for FUT 22 if the virtual electoral cabinets are opened at the end of the weekend. To classify: In the past offshoot, David Alaba, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Federico Chiesa or Federico Valverde counted the largest names in the community voting.

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