SGV Freiberg celebrates work victory at the Gehrmann

27.04.2019 | 1. CfR Pforzheim - SGV Freiberg | 2:2 (1:1)
The title race of the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg stood at the Gründonnerstag under the motto “Equestrian”.

The Stuttgart Reutlingens received the 1st CFR Porzheim before 3,080 viewers. In the 22nd minute, a murmur through the audience was first, because a campagna free kick crashed from the wing to the latte. Because the CFR but the rebound did not get clarified, Dicklhuber struck.

Otherwise, Pforzheim was a bear-strong opponent for the leader, played ahead for the 90 minutes, comparatively few genuine chances of chances, as those in the 64th minute, as a direct acceptance of Lulic rushed over at the Reutlingens Gate. On the opposite side, Dicklhuber failed at the strongly parry CFR goalkeeper Rombach while trying to ensure preliminary decision after just under 80 minutes. What the guests also tried Castellucci’s white vest remained unbrazphinated. In the detention time Pforzheim’s Latifovic looked yellow-red due to repeated foul play.

Rielasingen-Arlen plays well

Also with 1: 0 the SGV Freiberg won the debut of the new coach Ramon Gehrmann. Again, the Underdog played here the FC Rielasingen-Arlen, courageously with. Sagmeister ran shortly after kick-off on goalkeeper Burkhardt, but was still stopped at the last moment. In the 28th minute Freiberg disturbed the opposing building construction, conquered the ball and Kehl-Gomez networked to lead. In the 50th minute Markopoulos would almost be set to 2: 0 in a well-balanced game, but his header went to the latte. The FCRA approached the end of the end, the SGV came to some counter chances, which brought nothing more countable thanks to a good Klose in the Guest Gate.

In the relegation battle, the SSV Reutlingen was allowed to look forward to an eminently important 1: 0 against the pierce-like SV LINX. That this evening only one goal should fall, was not expected temporarily, because both defense series acted faulty. So Reutlingen’s Prussian set in the 23rd minute with a completely crushed return pass Joseph in scene, but Piu saved in one-counter-1. But Reutlingen also had opportunities to lead, and that fell before the pause. Sanyang’s shot was still parped by SVL-Schlüstmann Süme, but with the rebound, Suddoth fit on Kuengienda and the ball in the 44th minute to the gate of the day into the Kreuzeck. After just under an hour Sanyang ran on the south, but the goalkeeper was the winner in both trials. Sanyang shortly afterwards a further great opportunity, while Reutlingen had to breathe as Foulon headed to the latte. In the last few minutes Reutlingen was predominantly deep and so brought the home win 749 fans over time.

In the exorpicated 1-0 victories, the SV Oberachern agreed, who hit the Freiburg FC thanks to a late Asam match in the 87th minute and the distance from one to four points expanded. The FC Astoria Walldorf II was able to work with that – you know it – 1: 0 against the sports Union Neckarsulm again something in the direction of saving shore.

About all this scarce results could only smile the FC Nattingen on Thursday, the FCN declassified the TSV Ilshofen with 7: 1. Six different scorers plus an own goal of Göltenboth witnesses from a great balance of the Nöttinger. Talk light FV Lörrach-Brombach went back to the 1st FC Bruchsal with 0: 5, Bruchsal was at least the penultimate place in the table.

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