There is no person, Netmarble Overprition Test from 29th

Netmarble will proceed with the second private testing of its PC Online AOS New PC Online AOS from April 29th to May 9th.

The overprofe is a PC online game that combines the 3-person shooting and AOS, featuring a strategic cooperative based on tempo fast combat and team.

The hero is a transcription, a supporter, a remote dealer, a wizard, a tanker, and an assassin, and the relative base is destroyed first. The map exists in the map, which can be quickly moved to the battlefield, a viable shadow pond, AI (artificial intelligence) NPC minion, such as AI (AI (artificial intelligence) NPC minion, and various strategies utilizing this can be created.

Since the last first test, stability and optimization work have been performed on PCs with internal graphics cards. In addition, the user who is not familiar with AOS also made the tutorials to quickly adapt, and improved the UI intuitively to improve the UI.

This test proceeds without limitation on the number of servers, and supports 28 languages. You can download it from steam by 28 days from April 26th.

Events for the influenza that are active in YouTube, Twitch, and so on. It recruits the overfrimal partner creator from April 15 to April 24, and gives a special benefit when it is selected as a partner. For more information, please guide overpreme steam official pages, discodes, and homepages.

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Netmarble is scheduled to start ahead of the overpress of the overprint. For more information, see Overpression Steam Official Pages.

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