Actor of Kratos is arrested for alleged sexual sexual communication with a minor

Joseph Gatt , actor that makes the capture of movement for kratos in the saga of god of war, was arrested on April 6 due to alleged “sexual communication with a minor “. Since then, GATT was already released and denied all these charges against him.

After being arrested, the online crime investigation brigade against children carried out an exhaustive research in the residence of GATT , although apparently they did not find evidence to support these accusations. Because of this, GATT ** was able to pay a bail of $ 5 thousand dollars to be released on the same day as arrest of it.

GATT It was pronounced in this regard with the following message on social networks:

“Obviously I want to talk about absolutely horrific and completely erroneous accusations that recently came out of me. They are 100% erroneous and shameless. I have confirmed errors and false information in a press release today. I am cooperating with the Los Angeles police to reach the bottom of the matter. I want to clean my good name. “

It is important to clarify that the one who lent his voice to kratos in the latest delivery of god of war was Christopher Judge, who also realized a few sessions of capture of movement. For the part of him, GATT only performed catches of movement, so this character is interpreted by both actors in a way.

Game of Thrones actor Joseph Gatt arrested for having sexually explicit chats with a minor online
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Editor’s note: If Gatt was already released, then it seems that it was an error, although it is certainly rare that they have been accused of something so specific. Hopefully at the end of the day all this ends soon, and arrest who really deserves it.

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