iphone 13 with gigantic data volume for only 44.99 euros mtl! [Advertisement]

Never worry about data volumes, together with a brand new iPhone 13 for only 79 euros one-time payment and then 44.99 euros per month. At a device price of 779 euros on Amazon remain so after deduction of all total costs only 15.82 euros per month for gigantic 120 gigabytes data volume left – a hammer price!

Brand new iPhone 13 + Megata with 120 GB Save now __

Only while supplies last!

The iPhone 13 tied seamlessly to the quality of its predecessors – here you get a premium smartphone from the well-known company in the world. The 13er model has again tentably added power and equipment, especially the camera was upgraded . 12 megapixels and a new ultra-wide lens, which now also ensure great snapshots in the case of less suitable light, deliver amazing performance in collaboration with the software.

The display is used to bombastic: With the Super Retina XDR-OLED display you have one of the best you can get. Against lost fighting with gravity, the Ceramic Shield ensures breakage protection and unwanted installation of the well-known “Spider app”. Thanks to the greatly enlarged battery, you will also come through the day without interim recharging and do not need to worry about it anymore.

On the question “How much data volume do you have?” , you can now answer with “Yes” or “All of them” answers. Incredible 120 gigabytes allow you to surf, stream and play every month in this tariff to Sankt Nimmerleintag. Depending on the use, you can already consume a whole lot of traffic: Netflix eats in UHD quality 7 gigabyte in just 60 minutes . Even with high quality it is still 3 gigabytes. If you take advantage of the daily commuting to work, a lot comes together.

YouTube only chases 1.7 gigabytes through the line in Full HD. And then data releases like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and all other services are added. In general, we consume more and more data. While 2019 only 130 GB per connection have flowed in the month, it is 2021 already over 230 Gigabyte . With this tariff you are well prepared for the future. 4K streaming can come!

New iPhone 13 with 120 GB LTE-Flat now for 49 euros __

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100 Euro change bonus, 120 GB and an iPhone 13

The overall package will receive you for unique 79 euros and finally 44.99 euros a month for two years. Overall, you have a comparatively cheap offer, considering that 1 GB data volume in Germany currently costs 3.74 euros and the iPhone 13 at Amazon 779 Euro . So one would deduct the iPhone from the total price after 24 months, so you would only translate 15.82 euros per month for EURE 120 GB data volume .

Who is not at o2, also secures even 100 Euro change bonus with it! But you have to be fast, the tariff is only available until all devices are sold – some are no longer available!

iPhone 13 + 120 GB LTE – Only as long as stocks last! __

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