Only 24 hours: 4K TV for only 279 € on offer at Saturn [Advertisement]

At Saturn, you will receive the 4K television Hisense A6CG in size 43 inches on offer, namely for only 279 euros (RRP: 499 euros). It is a day decoration that is only valid until 9 o’clock on Friday morning, unless it is sold out beforehand. Here you will find him:

Hisense 43A6CG (4K, 43 inches) for 279 € (RRP: 499 €) at Saturn

What’s the Hisense A6CG?

Image: The Hisense A6CG is a variant of the 4K television A6G-originating from 2021. For the fact that the model belongs to the lower price range, it offers a pretty good picture quality. But your expectations should not be too high, because as usual with low-budget TVs, the top brightness is quite low. Therefore HDR can not be exploited as well as with more expensive TVs. The 43-inch version of the Hisense A6G also uses an IPS panel, which, on the one hand, ensures low viewing angle dependence, but on the other hand has a rather moderate contrast.

Gaming: By its low input was from 10 to 11 ms, the Hisense A6CG is well suited for gaming. Correct HDMI 2.1 With 4K 120 fps, however, there is not because the TV has only a 60 Hz display. After all, Allm is with you, the TV automatically uses the mode with the lowest latency when gambling on the console. In addition, VRR (variable refresh rate) is supported at least on one of the three HDMI ports.

OS: The Hisense A6CG uses Hisenses in-house operating system VIDAA U. This works reliably and is reasonably comfortable to operate. It also supports most of the larger streaming apps. For some services, however, you must use an external device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or your console unless you want to use the integrated web browser.

Hisense 43A6CG (4K, 43 inches) for 279 € (RRP: 499 €) at Saturn

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