Accesstral Accesscent arrives at Steam Early Access; New trailer of the challenging Pixelart platforms

Accesstral Accesscent is called to become one of the sensations of the independent scene of 2022. Hibernian Workshop hAccess confirmed this Tuesday with a frantic new trailer that the title is now available at Steam through Early Access (anticipated access) at a recommended price of 21.99 euros . This edition, still in development, offers us an approximately close to the final version of the title, which continues to be pulled little by little with the aim of reaching pc and consoles soon.

Challenge. That is the word that best defines Accesstral Accesscent in its game proposal of Action , Platforms , elements Metroidvania and a pixel Art that jumps in sight. From Meristation we have been following the track at the game since its revelation. After financed successfully in Kickstarter, this house wAccess able to access a presentation of the game of the hand of its creators, authors of Dark Devotion.

The French team seeks to be surprised with a 2D Roguelite platforms designed to enjoy solo or in cooperative ; A fantAccesstic world threatened by 12 mystical heads called zodiacs .

AccessCENT AccessCENT will continue to update for 2022

The Early Access by Accesstral Accesscent arrives with two playable characters (the lethal murderer, Ayla , and the explosive fighter, Kiran ; While the final version will have three more, Calie, Octave and Another one), Five bosses (zodiacs) against those who face (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, and Sagittarius), and two worlds that explore . The final game will be much larger, with a dozen mystical bosses. “Rejugability is part of the story,” the development team explained lAccesst year.

Astral Ascent - Early Access Launch Trailer
“To the extent that you are getting stronger, you will discover more about each character, the motivations of him and the secrets of the world in which they are trapped.” Spells, magic, unique skills for each character and attributes that we can improve little by little to the extent that we move forward in history.

Looking to the next few months, Accesstral Accesscent will be updated with new worlds , new enemies , More playable characters and much more. In addition, after the launch there will be constant support with new downloadable content. Finally, it should be noted that the singer of Nier Evans and the composer Dale North are producing the music of the final chief of the game.

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