Anno 1800: Season 4 brings community challenge

Anno 1800 starts in the Season 4. Suitable for the activation of germ of hope Ubisoft Mainz starts a community challenge , where participants can earn two new company logos for the construction game – if they successfully master the Challenge. “To thrive the germ of hope requires a lot of work and a lot of fertilizer. That’s why the residents of the New World have asked for your help,” announcing the developers on the ANNO website.

Community Challenge

To master the challenge, the global community must build at least 60,000 fertilizer modules in Anno 1800 . If this managed, two new company logos will be unlocked for all players. To achieve the goal, you have two weeks. About the coming days Ubisoft Mainz wants to keep you up to date on the progress. In the blog entry, you can also tell that this is just the kick-off of a series of community challenges for Anno 1800. Also for the next two DLCs from the Season 4, tasks are planned, which should be solved in the collective.

Get another free items

The Seeds Of Change! The Potato Empire Rises Again! Anno 1800 Season 4 Gameplay
You can snatch more free items at Twitch. Until the 20th of April you will receive the germ of hope banner and the germ of hope murals. How to get the items in your ANNO 1800 inventory, you will learn in a separate item under the Link set. Which gameplay innovations of the germ of hope DLC in turn brings with it, you also read with us.

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