Fractured Online reveals its roadmap for 2022

We talked about it at the beginning of the month, Fractured Online has just launched closed beta. On this occasion, the new Aehren continent was introduced into the world of Sandbox MMORPG. For interested parties, obtaining access is guaranteed by the purchase of a founder pack (from € 26) on the official store.

As a reminder, Fractured Online received its first major update with the arrival of this new test phase, including a new continent, a significant deepening of craftsmanship and 24/7 access to the game servers.

New breeds, new planets

In particular, it is learned that the game should enrich new races and planets, a first time in the summer of 2022, then a second time in the fall. It is not explicitly specified, but we can reasonably assume that the planets implemented will be Arboreus and Tartaros, , respectively, the Wildfolk (summer) and Demon (autumn) races.


The Wildfolk are the native inhabitants of the planet Arboreus, a wild and lush planet – what remains of elysium, where all the breeds of Fractured Online. Although closely like a real animal from birth, the form of the body of Wildfolk radically changes to puberty, to finally adopt the same two-legged posture than a human.

Feature Spotlight – Three Races , Three Gameplays


Banned on the hostile planet and devoid of resources (created for them after the fracture) Tartaros, the demons are by nature a thirsty breed of blood with a naturally bad alignment. The structure of their body can look like that of humans, but they are generally larger, stronger physically and endowed with a huge pair of horns to millions of different forms – even though, it must be said, their appearance can a lot change depending on their family.

Feature Spotlight – Three Races , Three Gameplays

Game systems, PVP event

Dynamight Studios also informs us of the inclusion of a system of cycles days / nights and a PVP event says Endongame (without more precision on the nature of this event – PVP of mass? PK?), Both from here summer .

Autumn is the implementation of religions that will be added to the game, alongside new locations (here too, no precision on the languages concerned), a new deepening of the craftsmanship and a “technical update”.

What is Fractured Online?

The studio is voluntarily more discreet for the end of the year and teases a “functionality that is not yet ready to be announced”. Fractured Online should in any case output this winter , such as the omen this communication.

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