LOL: Riot Games is pronounced about a 12 teams and the expected EuroCopa

Who do you think is the head of lec ? Some would say that he is G2 Esports , considering that the team is once again at the top of Europe after destroying Rogue in the final. Others can cite known figures of the scene as QuickShot , SJOKZ , Bulli or even veterans such as caps or perkz . But in practice, the real boss is the Commissioner Maximilian Peter Schmidt .

He regularly publishes information about the European League in the networks, although it is sometimes necessary to avoid their jokes and the real ads of it. He granted an interview with our l’équipe companions and some very hot topics were treated… among them, the longed expansion of Karmine Corp or Koi and the possible organization of a Eurocopa ** of League of Legends to know in an official way who is the king of the European crack.

These issues are so delicate that we are always happy to have some news, especially when it is official. But there was no miracle either and we feel that Riot Games really progresses with caution… we have summarized everything that had to be remembered from this interview so that you can know the most important thing.

The expansion of the lec: When will there be a transition to 12 teams to leave space to great ERL equipment?

Last year, Esportmaniacos caused the stir by announcing that he was working on a plan to expand the LEC at 12 teams . Karmine Corp fanatics obviously took the information with joy and since then they have dreamed of joining the European elite next to a Koi who has come to stay. Kameto, very enthusiastic and confident, led a very crazy signing market by hiring Rekkles while maintaining big names like Cabochard and Saken .

He likes to repeat it, but he points to the Worlds and will not pass an adhesion to LEC. The small problem is that since then there has not been more information than confirming the rumor. We even got in touch with the LEC to get an official response and the sign sent was not particularly positive. The answer was: “ We are thinking but at the moment there is nothing planned “.

In the interview conducted in the columns of L’Equipe, we are barely going more advanced. We learn that Maximilian Peter Schmidt think about the theme of expansion every day . For him it is a need , which is positive for ERL teams who wish to postulate. What is less is that he does not know when it will happen… He did not want to give a clear answer for 2023 and we could well wait a while before seeing the European League move to 12 or more teams. As it is necessary to evaluate the ins and outs with Riot Games, partners and teams, we imagine that the work will take time.

The reason why Tyler1 is perma roaming as Support
It is difficult to see how it could be done for next year. Therefore, there is nothing really new, but using the term “need still gives a lot of hope. We will have to settle for that for now. To go a little further, he said, despite the fact that the goal was to keep the LEC at the top of the competitive pyramid. Therefore, equipment such as kc , koi or Eintracht Spandau must continue working to grow and strengthen. From the moment your level of game is higher than that of the equipment of the LEC, things will accelerate.

The Eurocup of League of Legends, something that is not expected in the short term

The European Community is not only interested in the future and necessary expansion of LEC. He would also like to see the arrival of an international competition based on the nationality of the players. We especially appreciate the arch of France vs Spain since it is a project that will surely awaken passions. On this point, the Commissioner of LEC was also very vague; He promised that the file was ongoing but we must find the proper formula, especially as for the calendar. In any case, it seems much more feasible to make a Eurocopa that a World Cup by countries. We want to say that going out with such evidence does not break the three legs to a duck. But hey, we imagine that Maximilian Peter Schmidt ** tries to give the best of itself.

To be completely honest, we still have the impression of that we are walking through the branches and that things are drying on the side of Lec. Although we have wanted to have official and reliable statements, when we look at the content of this interview, we do not know whether to see the glass of half full or empty half. In terms of calendar and while players complain regularly of having an overloaded calendar, we imagine that one euro could potentially replace the EUM or MSI… But can Riot Games give yourself luxury to give up these competitions? We will see it in the nearest future.


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