Request rejected: HSV Hamburg must despite goalkeepers

The league indicated a request for laying the duel. “We will make a picture tomorrow, which the Bundesliga is not worthy, but we can only win now,” said HSVH Managing Director Sebastian Frecke.

Because the goalkeepers Johannes Bitter (gastrointestinal infection) and Jens Vortmann (Corona) are not available, the club had requested a relocation. The special regulation, after which a game can be moved because of the failure of two goalkeepers, is according to the HBL but only applicable to corona cases.

Hamburgers will therefore increase their team with A-teenagers. On Wednesday, the club lacked six players for corona infections, six players due to injury and two other actors due to illness.

U-19 player without every minute in the professional area

What Happened to Hamburg SV?
“The boys will give everything and try to sell the best possible, even if our U-19 players were not active in the professional area yet. We hope that until the game, no other corona cases are added and that Nobody injured in the thin personnel ceiling, “Frecke said.

The game was originally planned for the 10th of February, but then had to be relocated because of various corona cases in the ranks of Hannover.

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