PlayStation Plus Premium Leak reveals the first PS1 and PS2 games

This June, two new levels of PlayStation Plus will be launched, one of which will give the subscribers access to PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games. This level is called PlayStation Plus Premium and, of course, it is the most expensive, with a price of $ 18 per month. It remains to be seen which PS3, PS2, PS1 and PSP games will have, and how many, but the expectation is that they will be mainly the main first and second hand playstation games on these platforms. To this end, the first classic Games of the subscription service have been leaked, and it is not surprising that they are First-Party launches.

In South Korea, the agency responsible for qualifying the games for its launch in the region, the Committee on the Administration and Qualification of Korea Games, has described four filter of Siphon Games for PS4 and PS5. Two of these games are PS1 games, while the other two are PS2 and PSP games. Now, could this be hinting at relaunches or a collection of filter of siphon games on PS4 and PS5? Of course, but what seems most likely at this time is that these will be the PlayStation Plus Premium launch games.

If it is the last scenario, this means that we will soon know all the classic PlayStation games that will arrive at the subscription service if it is necessary to re -qualify them. Together with Brazil and Taiwan, Korea is usually the first classification table to filter games, so PlayStation fans should be attentive in the coming weeks.

Siphon filter (first game)

Developed by Sony Bend, the most recent team behind past _ – when it was known as an eidetic, filter of Siphon is a third -person action game with stealth elements that debuted in February 1999 through PS1. After its launch, he obtained a 90 in Metacritic and would become the point of origin of one of the best stealth series of all time.

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Siphon filter 2

_ Siphon 2_ Filter was launched the following year in 2000, through the same developer and the same console, however, he only managed to obtain an 81 in Metacritic at that time.

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The first PS1 Games are LEAKING on PS4/PS5! - PlayStation Plus Premium LOOKS GOOD

Siphon filter: dark mirror

Leaving the PS1, filter of siphon: dark mirror is a PS2 and PSP game of the same developer. Interestingly, after its launch, the PSP version obtained an 87 in Metacritic, but the PS2 version could only get a 70.

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Siphon filter: Logan’s shadow

_ Siphon Filtro: The Shadow of Logan_ is the most recent entry of the series, launched in 2007 on PSP and then reaching PS2 three years later in 2010. Also developed by Sony Bend, he obtained an 85 in Metacritic in the launch.

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Missing games

As you know, there have been a total of six filter of siphon games. Missing this leak is filter of siphon 3 and filter of siphon: the omega variety. These are the third and fourth game of the series, respectively, and it is not clear why they are not included.

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What does this leak mean

Now that all this has leaked, it is possible that Sony accelerates the advertisement plans for the other PS3, PS2 and PSP games to avoid more leaks that ruin the surprise. Meanwhile, the content of the filtration itself is a bit worrying, since it suggests that Sony is not making an additional effort to ensure that it is adding series as a whole as you would expect to do so. It remains to be seen if this means that the series will be completed through partial releases.


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