Pokemon Go: This is how the Velursi community is

Hardly a Pokémon Go Community Day of the past few months is so long as the community day with Velursi now on Saturday, April 23, 2022 between 14:00 and 17:00 (Note the time!). Because with Velursi and Kafsuso and their shiny forms, a brand new Pokémon comes into play that every coach wants to snatch.

But are you prepared perfectly? Through the shortened duration of the Community Day with Velursi you only have three hours time for the Hatz on Velursi – and the development of Velursi to Küssporo costs you 400 Velursi sweets. You have to use your time optimally – and we give you here in the guide a few tips on the hand, as you optimally prepare for the community day with Velursi and what to consider during the event!

Pokémon Go Community Day with Velursi – Preparation

Attention: As already mentioned, the Community Day will take place with Velursi on 23.04.2022 between 14:00 and 17:00. So you want before:

  • Clean up your Pokébox and make room, because if you have to collect 400 sweets for a single development of Velursi to Kafso, you can already estimate yourself with the use of Sananaberen that you still have to catch a lot of Velursi. After all, the more Velursi you are catching, the bigger the chance on Shinys!
  • Suggest enough poké balls , because who wants to catch many Velursi needs many poké balls. If you want to use the three hours effectively, you will be spurred between 200 and 300 poké balls.
  • Sananaberen and Silver Sananaberen cancel! If you still have field research or steps of special research, which introduce you Sananaberen, then do it and raises the berries to then double the amount of sweets per captive Velursi. In any case, you already receive twice the amount of catch sweets as part of the event. So absolutely optimizes your bonbon merit to the Pokémon Go Community Day.

Pokémon Go Community Day with Velursi – the event

During the event you also benefit from some other bonuses! Thus in consideration,…

  • Lucky eggs to throw , because you already get the threefold Fang EP while catching a Pokémon. And with happiness egg it is the sixfold Fang EP!
  • Do not you want to run but also the effect of a lockmodule , then goes to a playing place with many pokéstops in direct proximity to each other – every bigger city has something like that; In Nuremberg, for example, the foolship, where Spitalgasse and Plobenhofstraße meet. Because: “If a poké stop with lock module is caught enough Pokémon, the 3-fold Fang-EP for coaches near this Pokéstop are increased for 30 minutes to 4-fold Fang-EP. This bonus is not on the already applicable 3 -Fachen EP bonus credited, but replaces this. This bonus can also be combined with lucky eggs – thus sets one in order to make 4-fold-EP incredible 8-fold Fang-EP! “

  • Coach from Level 40 Get when catching Pokémon with double probability XL sweets, which you should not despise.
  • Smoke lasts for three hours, same applies to lockmodules. Besides, you run 5 kilometers during the event, plants the Niantics trees, and that’s good for our heated planet.
  • Bekurso develops only between 17:00 and 19:00. Why? Then you have fully utilized the Velursi Spawns, because you do not want to check the three hours of the Community Day every Velursi on his WP and waste such precious time. After 17:00 and before 19:00 clock you can do the Velursi and Shiny with low WP and send – so you get more sweets. Kosturso learns at the Community Day until 19:00 clock the loading holder.

Do you have more tips that you want to share with the community of Pokémon Go? Then you like the comments! We do not remember much left to wish you a sunny Saturday and good luck with the hunt for lossi. Steps and Rewards For special research “Wilder Fang” you will find tomorrow in our guide to the Pokémon Go Community Day with Velursi .

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