Svensson: Players also have to endure the truth

For Svensson, the 0: 5 in Wolfsburg was the “worst seasonal performance” of the Mainz, which also prompted him to say a few clear words “to his team”, also because he wanted to have recognized a “bad trend”. Also only nice, do nothing, because: “Players sometimes have to endure the truth.” Whether that has fertilized this will only be shown in the last three match days, as Svensson himself knows.

In any case, Svenson’s commitment as a Mainz trainer fertilized, although the Dane actually had completely different plans. The 42-year-old revealed that he had thought that he would return home to his home at the end of his professional career. But then “have led a few things” that it turned out differently. So he rejected an offer of a Danish relegation because he had no desire for the Danish second division. And then there were also consequent developments in Mainz.

I tried it without knowing what awaits me.

Bo Svensson

The then Mainz coach Thomas Tuchel had announced that they wanted to leave the FSV and with Kasper Hjulmand a Danish coach was in the starting blocks at 05 – and he wanted Svensson as a “link”. Because there was also “good conversations” with manager Christian Heidel, Svensson took the step into the coaching business. “I tried it without having long -term plans and without knowing what to expect. It went step by step.”

After that it went quickly, as the coach explains, he quickly noticed that “work as a trainer requires different skills than those that you need as a player. I found it very interesting, but at the same time I had a very long doubt whether I had a very long doubt whether that would be the right way for me. ” But he remained loyal to Mainz, except for a short intermezzo in the Austrian second division at FC Liefering, Red Bull Salzburg’s farm team: first as a assistant coach, then as a youth coach and since January 2021 as head coach of the first team of the 05.

Mature process in coach job

In the meantime, it should be clear that it was apparently the right way for Svensson – and he works in a job that brings him a lot. It is not necessarily only about sporting successes or play -tactical finesse, but also about personal growth. As a trainer, according to Svensson, there is also a lot to bring together different types, which is not an easy task.

“It is about developing understanding for people who may not have the same humor or the same values. This tolerance that you have to develop is really exciting because you get to know new sides from yourself,” said the Dane and emphasized: “It sounds easier than it is because it demands a lot. I develop empathy for people who see the world as I do – with others that are not the case with heavier. “

But one thing is clear to him. It shouldn’t be easy and give in to the human tendency to differentiate yourself. “Simply put someone in a drawer so that they can no longer have to deal with it,” is simply the wrong approach.

_ In addition, Svensson also talks about why he believes it is not feasible to introduce time penalty for red cards in professional football, he also explains the main difference between the job as a player and that as a coach and reveals one important for him Reason to “come up with Bock on work”. _

Anders Svensson vs Argentina

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