How do megaevolutions change in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go always seeks to improve the gameplay and make it more attractive for players. The game constantly adapts content from the main games, including the possibility of megavation of your Pokemon. Now Niantic officially changes the principle of operation of Mega Evolutions in the game.

Mega Evolution has undergone several changes, now you can evolve mega from raid and battle Preparation Screens. You will also notice additional animation on the Pokemon page that you already have a Mega Evolved and there is a new Mega Mastery system.

What is mega skill?

How To Mega Evolve FOR FREE in Pokémon GO! HUGE Mega Pokémon Update!
Mega-fashion is a new way to quickly increase the level of her mega-evolutions. Here are the changes that are made to help you with this.

  • Now that you catch Pokemon of the same type, you have a chance to earn Candy XL.
  • You gain additional experience when you catch Pokemon of the same type.

  • As the level of rest of the Pokemon decreases, its megauroven will increase.

The more you use Mega Evolution, the faster the Mega LEVEL Pokemon will increase. Each Pokemon has a chance to earn various bonuses with an increase in level, for example, a higher chance to earn sweets.

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