Hero Legend Yeoui Trajectory PS5, Steam Version July 28 Launched

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Clouded Leopard Entertainment (CEO: Chen Wenwen) is a story RPG developed by Nihon Falcom Co., Ltd. It will be released simultaneously with the Japanese version on Thursday, 28th.

In addition, the STEAM version, The Hero Legend Yeou, (Subtitle Language: Korean/Chinese), will also be released on Thursday, July 28, the same day. Please note that the STEAM version may vary depending on the region.

■ About PS5 version
In the PS5 version, the graphics have become more elegant in response to ‘4K resolution’ and ‘frame rate 60fps’. In addition, it features ‘High Speed Mode’, which allows you to set the speed of field battle and command battle, and the ability to adjust the character size, which can be enjoyed more comfortably with the desired settings. In addition, by adding ‘Archive’ containing the introduction of the series and commentary, the user who first encountered the trajectory series was able to enjoy the worldview of the trajectory series. Finally, the storage data of the PS4 version can also be taken over with the PS5 version.

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