Call of Dutys advance: Modern Warfare 2 can point to a surprising environment

It seems one of the places that will be presented at call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has been mocked. Early, Infinity Ward launched the first trailer of call of duty modern Warfare 2 __ that revealed the logo of the game and confirmed the official title of the game. Although it was already very expected that the game was a sequel to the duty: Modern War, it was exciting to see some confirmation and Infinity Ward claimed to include some clues about where the players will go in the long -awaited sequel. Since Call of Duty is usually an adventure of globetrotters, we may already know one of the places we will go to.

Tom Henderson, connoisseur of Call of Duty saw what seemed to be a set of coordinates in advance and, although they are difficult to distinguish, they produced the location of a unique building in Singapore. Henderson noticed that he had seen an image of soldiers descending in Rápel for a skyscraper, which could be the same building that is seen in the coordinates. Singapore appeared in the Black Ops series, but this would be the first time it appears in the Modern Warfare series. Rumors have suggested that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will deal with drug trafficking in Colombia and according to reports, Singapore has a booming drug trafficking. This has resulted in some extreme punishments for those trapped participating in illegal activity. Since this is just a rumor at this time, Singapore could be used for a completely different purpose, but this gives some credibility to rumors.

Modern Warfare 2: The Most Advanced Call of Duty To Date!

Earlier this week, Infinity Ward showed call of duty: Modern Warfare II to some players in the NFL draft in Las Vegas. The players gave positive impressions, but did not reveal anything particularly notable about the game. As marketing in call of duty: Modern Warfare II begins to increase, it seems that adequate revelation is incredibly imminent. According to rumors, the appropriate revelation will be at the end of May.

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