We understand little regarding Call of Duty: Modern War 2, but on Twitter he currently goes beyond Lead in appeal

We will need to wait on more beating web content, such as the discussion video clip of the shooter, to recognize exactly how large it is the difference in passion between both titles, but whatever seems to think that Activision will certainly see its variety of users expand once more .

Let’s speak about information. In much less than 24 hr, the quick advancement video of the FPS of Infinity Ward gathers 2.2 million views, while a number of months after its magazine the first Call of Duty trailer: Lead has actually been seen 1.9 million times. In virality of the web content the difference is also better, with 35,800 retweets compared to the greater than 9,000 harvested to day by the aforementioned video clip.

Just a logo design, just that it was sufficient for Activision yesterday to create even more virality on Twitter with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 than that acquired by Lead with his initial trailer in the social network, which can be viewed as a sample of the greatest interest of the greatest interest of the greatest interest of the greater interest of the higher passion of the general public for the next installment of the veteran and also successful action series-shoter.

Activision positive outlook with Modern Warfare 2 is rather huge, and also defined it a couple of days ago as the most innovative computer game of the long saga. But on the other hand, the lead character is still avant -garde, which you can read in his 3rds evaluation.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Officially Revealed!
And also it is that a couple of days ago the firm, which encounters a procedure of sale to Microsoft, confirmed to have actually lost 50 million energetic gamers each month in the last quarter versus the same previous duration, which is viewed as a clear indicator of the lowest interest aroused For the lead before Black Ops: Cold Battle launched in shops in 2019.

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