GTA Online RP Glitch (from May 2022): earn solo unlimited XP with PayPhone Hit Exploit

Ascending to GTA Online is a big challenge, but there is a new RP error on PayPhone hits with which you can easily get unlimited XP. You can do this alone and you can only avoid this in a session ** other players. It’s that simple. This method also works after the latest patch, so that you can also use it on systems of the next generation such as PS5 and Xbox Series X | s. Here you will find out how to fix the PayPhone HIT RP error in GTA online.

GTA online coin phone Hit RP Glitch explained

This glitch is to kill a certain attack goal again and again and earn RP every time. It works as long as you want so that you can easily climb this method into thousands.

At the beginning you have to call Franklin for a payphone hit until you get The Popstar as a goal. If you get another goal, you have to find a new session and try again. It has to be The Popstar, otherwise this mistake will not work.

As soon as you have the coin phone hit for The Popstar, find it and block the path of his car to force it to stop. This can require some attempts, and you should find a good place without a lot of traffic or anything that could interrupt. When he has stopped, get into his car from the passenger side .

As a result, he falls out of the driver’s door. As soon as he falls, take the car and drive the front wheels on his legs. If you do it right, you start earning RP. Don’t let him get up. When the goal gets up, you will find a new session and try again because there are not all the RP you are looking for.

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As long as you park the car on your legs while you earn RP, you won’t stop earning. You can level up as high as you want, there is no upper limit for this error. You can see the error in the video below in action.

If you plan to fix this RP error yourself, you will act quickly because Rockstar tends to patch these exploits pretty quickly. However, this has been unpatched for some time, and even the last updates could not remove it. Benefit as long as you can!


Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

Attack of the fanboy / player / GTA Online RP Glitch (from May 2022): earn solo unlimited XP with payphone hit exploit

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