Hard UEFA line! Russia excluded at all levels

Russia remains excluded in Europe’s football due to the war of aggression against Ukraine.

Europe’s football continues against Russia because of the war war on Ukraine, an uncompromising hard line.

Russian national teams and club teams, regardless of the red card in front of the International Champions Leagues Court (CAS), remain excluded from all competitions of the European Football Union (UEFA) in the current and the coming season. The competitions concerned include the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League at the European Cup level.

The exclusion of the UEFA Executive decision on Monday also applies to the European Women’s European Championship in England (July 6th to 31st). Instead of Russia, his inferior playoff opponent Portugal competes in football.

Shortly after the beginning of the war, the UEFA had only made the first decisions for ongoing competitions or immediately impending encounters.

In addition, the UEFA leadership also declared Russia’s extremely provocative application to be submitted to the organization of the European Championship tournaments 2028 or 2032 after the outbreak of war. The decision is based on the application regulations, according to which “applicants the UEFA, the UEFA final or the UEFA finals in question, other applicants (or employees, official or representative of the aforementioned), the application process or European football through their behavior May bring “. In addition, the currently valid exclusion of Russia is not compatible with the possibility of automatic starting rights as an organizer in the event of the acceptance of Russia’s application.

complaints from the Russian side at CAS

In the first reactions to Russia’s violating invasion of Ukraine, the UEFA had initially withdrawn this year’s Champions League final from the World Association of St. Petersburg in parallel to Russia’s exclusion from the World Cup Play-OFS by the World Association FIFA and then Russian teams from the current European Cup competitions banished. The associated disqualification of Spartak Moscow as the last club from Russia helped Bundesliga club RB Leipzig in the Europa League without a fight to the quarter -finals.

Russian Football Union appeal to CAS over FIFA & UEFA bans

The UEFA followed its statutes and a moral compass during the then and also new measures. In contrast, several lawsuits from the Russian side at CAS against the sanctions are open whether the measures will exist legally. An appointment for a pioneering decision of the CAS has not yet been determined.

Russia will not be able to play in the new Nation League season from autumn either. The 2018 World Cup host is the last of Group 2 and the bottom of the entire B-Liga.

The fence role applies to all Russian teams at the top level in addition to the European Cup in the World Cup qualification of women. Russia’s previous results will also be canceled in the U21 European Championships from 2021-23 in various young, regional and futsal competitions.

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