Remodeled into a messed up by the grandfather and user of “Stardew Valley”. Elderly people on beds and table tennis stands

In the MOD community of “Stardew Valley”, it seems that the “remodeling” mod is now a boom. The mysterious trend that suddenly occurred, played a lot of grandfather and showed the appearance of Ogiri. Overseas media Polygon and others report.

“STARDEW VALLEY” is a farm lifestim game designed by Concernedape. The story begins when the hero who is tired of urban life inherits the old farm in the countryside that his grandfather used to spend. Players will regenerate the farm, deepen their friendship with the villagers, and also affect them until the village goes. As mentioned above, the grandfather is one of the key people who triggered the story of this work. She has died at the beginning of the story, and her turn is small. However, she appeared in the bed at the beginning of the game, with a letter for the player. She is a beloved grandfather who gently speaks to the player through her memories and letters.

However, such a grandfather has been tough in the MOD community of “Stardew Valley”. MODs that remodel the grandfather at the beginning of the game are appearing one after another in the game. If you look at this page of the MOD posting site Nexus Mods, your grandfather’s sleep is actually tinkering in various ways. Apparently, the number of grandfather remodeling MODs suddenly increased due to the MOD “Slightly WORSE Grandpa Bed (a little worse grandfather’s bed)” released on April 19 this year. In this mod, the legs of the grandfather’s bed, which I couldn’t even rely on even in the original version, have broken.

From the 24th, MODs that blur using grandfather have been posted every day. There are “Grandpaless Bed”, which erases the grandfather from the bed, and “Grandpa’s Bed is the Envelope”, which puts grandfather in a letter envelope. Finally, MODs such as “Grandpa is the bed”, which were created with an unusual reversal idea of “making grandfather as a bed”, has been released. In addition, the “Grandpa’s Bed Mouthful Mode”, in which the grandfather was blown by an unrelated Kirby, was released the other day. What do you think of your grandfather?

house updates in stardew valley (Streamed 12/19/20)

In addition, there are works that have been creative with their grandfather. An elaborate MOD such as “Robin Tricked You as Grandpa To Buy Buildings”, which was turned into a grandfather for planning to exploit the protagonist, also appeared. As a strange species, George and Ebrulin, the residents of Pelican Town, the stage of this work, have appeared, and the “Playing Pong Pong On Grandpa’s Bed”, which develops a ping -pong rally right above his grandfather, has been released. The appearance of the elderly fighting on the elderly seems to be some kind of hallucinations. By the way, this mod is animated. Players also seem to share this on YouTube.

It is unclear why the grandfather was suddenly turned into a toy. However, in this work community, it seems that the topic of “grandfather’s bed is terrible” has been seen for a long time. The original grandfather’s bed is a bad design that looks like a somewhat long desk. For that reason, in October last year, the MOD “Intro-DeCent Bed for Grandpa”, which lays a grandfather in a proper bed, appeared. In other words, there seemed to be a base that was interested in grandfather and bed.

Content creator Yahiamice also talked about a slightly modified grandfather’s bed on Twitter on April 24, attracting the attention of the community. It is just before and after the increase in the number of grandfather modified mods, and it is likely that the trend has been supported. The grandfather remodeling is also spread to this work community of overseas bulletin board REDDIT. As a grandfather, like a “Transformer”, there are some stories that transform into a bed and one -of -a -kind robot. The grandfather’s remodeling seems to have jumped over the MOD’s material and turned into a net memory.

The appearance of a gentle elderly toy is a bit unscrupulous. However, if the grandfather was not loved as a character in the first place, he would not have gained the attention of MOD creators and communities. Hopefully, I’m glad if the MOD that is kind to grandfather will increase a little more.

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